**CROWDFUND** Grid Thigh High Tights
**CROWDFUND** Grid Thigh High Tights
**CROWDFUND** Grid Thigh High Tights
**CROWDFUND** Grid Thigh High Tights
**CROWDFUND** Grid Thigh High Tights
**CROWDFUND** Grid Thigh High Tights
**CROWDFUND** Grid Thigh High Tights

**CROWDFUND** Grid Thigh High Tights

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**11/28/22 UPDATE**
This crowdfund has been extended through January 31st! If funded, we will adjust the production timeline accordingly, by about a month or so. Details TBA.

Your card will be charged upon backing this project. In the event that we do not reach our goal (which we hope will not happen!), your refund will be initiated by us within up to 1 week following the campaign's end.

To donate towards this project without purchasing a pair of tights, please submit your donation to our Ko-fi, and indicate in the message section that the funds are for the tights crowdfund so we can manually apply it towards the goal counter above. For every $20 in donations, the goal counter will be adjusted accordingly.

If you are an E.U. customer and must order via our Etsy, please contact us!

Funds earned beyond our base goal will go towards future Phases of the project (which could possibly be added as Phase 1 stretch goals if we far exceed our initial stretch goal early in the campaign), compensating our team, and further development of our shop.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page and read this project's F.A.Q. prior to reaching out with questions! We appreciate your support, and look forward to successfully funding this project!


Item Details

  • Mid to high waisted, nylon and spandex blend that is both stretchy and durable.
  • Grid Design
  • Lower "Sock" portion of tights is opaque black, 40 denier.
  • Upper "Skin" portion of tights above the design is more sheer, 20 denier.
  • Color #200*, #300, or #400
  • Size S/M, L/XL, or 2X/3X (US sizing)**
  • Hand Wash, Line Dry Recommended

*Color #200 may be updated slightly to have a more neutral undertone, as previous samples (pictured) seemed a little more red than we anticipated. New samples will be produced to confirm whether we will update #200, though due to manufacturer policy we cannot create any more samples until we first place a bulk order.

**It is our first time creating tights, so we are relying primarily on data from our manufacturer, as well as sample testing from ourselves and our small group of models. We have found that if you feel you may be on the upper end of a size, it may be best to size up, though this can also be relative to body type. For example, someone who is a US size 10 could comfortably wear the S/M size because the material is incredibly stretchy, though may opt for a looser fit with the L/XL.

Please note: Tights may appear differently on different people, and in different lighting. Our initial sample batches were limited, but we are working to distribute what is left to additional models so that we will have more photos to show soon. If you visit our booth during one of our upcoming in-person events, you will be able to view some samples.


About this Project

To learn more about our preparations for this project prior to now, please visit our blog.

At iconografi, we create independently and originally designed alternative fashion that can be enjoyed by everyone! We're a small and growing business run by women of color, and as longtime fans of alternative fashion - especially J-fashion - we're always looking for new ways to expand our offerings of kawaii, cosplay, and other styles.

Upon doing some research into "faux thigh highs" - that is, tights that give the appearance of a thigh high sock, but have an skin-toned section towards the top, we found that these kinds of tights are primarily designed as "one-color/size-fits-all".

Since February 2022, we have been making plans to produce the first-ever collection of thigh-high tights that are both skin tone and size inclusive!

It was always apparent to us that this project would be a large undertaking, and following discussions with both potential customers and our chosen manufacturer, we understand the need for a variety of options while also recognizing the reality that we are a very small business with very limited resources.

Though it seems to be common for this scale of manufacturing, we've found that custom hosiery production of this type and variety requires high minimum orders. Because of this, we've made the decision to break up this project into multiple phases over the course of the next couple/few years, so that we can start with something and continue to expand our offerings over time.


Interest Check Results

Following rounds of interest check polls over the past several months - most recently and definitively with the poll that we ran from October 3rd - October 23rd, your feedback has helped us determine the variations we will produce in this first phase of the project: the Grid design in colors #200, #300 and #400, sizes S/M, L/XL, and 2X/3X.

We updated the numbers from the single digit numbers indicated in the poll, as we felt that numbers in the hundreds would provide more space for the possibility of additional shades in between those currently offered, should they be created in the future. Here are the results of the poll, which received nearly 500 responses!




These selected Phase 1 variations are not a reflection of our overall aim to provide as much variety as possible, but it is a more realistic place for us to start, based on the feedback we received. In the future, we hope to continue to add additional skin tones, and strive for a more full range of size inclusivity beyond 3X.

It is our hope that following successful funding, production, and fulfillment of Phase 1, we will be able to initiate future phases of this tights project for further variation of designs, tones, and sizes.


Project Timeline

  • October 25 - Phase 1 Tights Campaign Launch (10am EDT)
  • December 5 - Campaign End (11:59pm EST)
    January 31st*
    We have made the decision to extend this campaign through the end of January. Please note that the production timeline below will be reevaluated and adjusted by about a month or so, should we reach our funding goal. Details to be announced at a later date. Please use the rest of the timeline below as a reference for our production plans.


  • December 6 - Bulk order placement will be initiated with our manufacturer. Production will begin first with a final round of samples to confirm whether we may update the #200 color. This is anticipated to take around a month or so, but may be subject to holiday related delays. Please note that our manufacturer will be closed to observe the Lunar New Year holiday from January 14th - 30th. If the updated samples do not ship to us before then, they may ship to us around early February.
  • December 8 - January 9 - iconografi’s annual holiday shop break. We will be responsive to messages in the order they are received during this period to the best of our ability, but please be patient!
  • Late January/February - Upon receipt of the final tights samples, additional photos will be shared.
  • March - Tights enter bulk production. Limited additional tights inventory may be made available for preorder online. Tights preordered after the crowdfund period will not be shipped until all crowdfund backers' packages have shipped.
  • May - Tights are shipped from our manufacturer to iconografi Studio. Depending on the shipment method, this may take 1.5 months or more.
  • June/July - Tights are quality checked, packaged, and shipped to backers. Closer to this timeframe, we may be able to provide a more narrowed down shipment window, and will provide updates accordingly!
*This timeline is estimated. If we anticipate delays due to possible supply chain issues or shipping slowdowns caused by COVID-19 or otherwise, we will communicate this.*
Risks and Challenges

While we've done our best to plan for potential delays in determining the shipment windows, we cannot predict or prevent any possible delays due to COVID-19 or other occurrences out of our control. If for some reason we anticipate a major delay, we will communicate with all project backers and adjust our schedule accordingly.



Q: Can we see the tights on more models?

A: Yes! Soon, we hope.

We have only been able to receive a limited number of samples from our manufacturer so far. It is their company policy that samples be very limited, until a bulk order is secured. With some of the tights having been dedicated for display during our in-person vending events, and in keeping some for ourselves to wear when out and about for advertisement, we've been left with very few pairs to distribute.

As our Brand Ambassadors and collaborators may receive additional samples during the course of this campaign to assist us in promotion, we will share additional photos of the tights being modeled as we receive them.


Q: How can I track the progress of this project once it's successfully funded?

A: Upon successful funding of this project, we will create a post on our blog to track the production and fulfillment process. We will also provide updates on our social media and newsletter, which you can follow and sign up for by checking out our LinkTree!


Q: When will future Phases of this project happen?

A: At this time, we are not sure. Once we complete Phase 1, we will have a better idea. Please understand that we are a very small team with only two, sometimes three people working at the same time depending on the day. We're incredibly excited for the possibility of expanding this line of tights to be even more inclusive! This will take time (and support!) to accomplish.


Q: If I decide I need to change or cancel my pledge, how can I do so?

A: Since we are using our own website, please find our communication methods on the contact page. Email is preferred, though we do keep a tabs on social media DMs as well. Please understand that during times of increased message volume, during our annual holiday break, or when we are working events, we may respond slower than usual. Do not spam. We do not want to have to close our DMs due to repetitive or harmful messages. Your patience is appreciated!


Q: Will you make fleece-lined tights like this for the colder months?

A: We have received a number of requests for fleece-lined tights, and are interested in looking into the possibilities! We would like to see how well Phase 1 goes before we get into planning future phases, but please know we are considering this as an option. As the fabrics would be different, it would require plenty of sampling and testing all over again, so it would be a goal for the future.


Q: Will other colors besides black be available in the future?

A: We'd definitely like to! Our current manufacturer may only have the ability to produce tights with two colors (one being the "skin" part of the tights), so we may be a little limited in the design possibilities at the moment but as this project continues we're hoping to look into it! 


Q: Can I update my shipping address?

A: Absolutely! This this project will take place over the course of several months, so we understand that address associated with your pledge may change by the time the tights are ready to ship. Please contact us if you need to update your address, and keep an eye out for project updates as we will post reminders about our shipment window as it draws near.


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