e.y.e.wear Updates 2

Our next two styles of e.y.e.wear will be coming to iconografi.com very soon!
If you've already preordered, we'd like to extend our sincerest thanks. If you're still thinking about it, you can read more about the Heart and Visionary sunglasses on their product pages.

This post will be updated frequently to give insight into where we are in the production process, and to help make the wait until that iconografi.com package makes it's way to your door a little easier!


Status Updates for Shooting Star and Gear Sunglasses

 Preorders Open (6.18.21)

Sunglasses Order Placed with Manufacturer (6.18.21)

Sunglasses manufactured, shipped to iconografi studio (8.6.21)

Sunglasses received by iconografi studio (8.12.21)

Sunglasses Quality Check (8.14.21)

Packaging and Shipping Preordered Sunglasses! (9.1.21)

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