Introducing iconografi

Before its debut on Etsy in October 2019, iconografi - a play on "iconography", the interpretation of images and symbols - began as just that. The artistic communication of anime, manga, and videogames has captivated me for as long as I can remember; I've sought to incorporate and reimagine such aesthetics in my own work.

Inspired by all things unique and fantastical, sci-fi, cosplay, and streetwear - particularly influenced by various styles of Japanese Street Fashion (J-Fashion) - I'm always searching for new ways to merge my creative interests with my love of hand crafting, photography, and design.

The shop tagline and blog title, embrace your eccentricity, is a motivation and reminder to myself - and I hope to you as well - to welcome those quirky, nerdy, delightfully fun aspects of your personality that make you your best self!

- K

Founder and CEO
iconografi LLC