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Pre is a Filipina-American student pharmacist based in Baltimore, MD who happens to love all things JRPGs, comic books and Avatar! She cosplays from her favorite fandoms, learns new kpop dances, plays video games and looks up lore videos in her spare time. Additionally, she tries to promote healthier social media spaces for creators/non-creators alike by advocating mental health, burnout recovery, inclusivity of marginalized creators and cultural competence.


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They’re a Pacific Northwest cosplayer, makeup artist and photographer that has been creating for over 15 years, and loves all sorts of nerdy things - anime, movies, sci-fi, vampires and more.


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Maihan is an Asian American voice actor born and raised in Southern California who enjoys video games, cosplay, and lots of other nerdy things. When they're not twitch streaming, playing Final Fantasy XIV, or working as an events manager, they're drinking their weight in boba milk tea.  


Lexi is a Lolita Fashion and Y2K Style lover based in London. She loves exploring vintage fairs and antique stores.



Thecherryline is a part-time artist, Harajuku fashion enthusiast and full-time nerd. Being a fan of video games and retro pop culture, she loves to express herself with fashion and cute accessories. 



Kense is an enjoyer of language learning, drawing, and all magical things. Often heard talking about 'the lore' or something done in a 'canonical way', he likes getting lost in new worlds, learning about different concepts and fields of study, and chatting non-stop about amusing and everyday mundane things.


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V (they/ve), also known as fvrrons, is an agender cosplayer and award-winning graphic designer based in the USA. Designer by day and cosplay gremlin by night, V adores all things creative, artsy and crafty! They have cosplayed since 2009, but picked it up as a solid hobby in 2020. Styling wigs, photo editing, craft projects and turning into your beloved animated nuisances are what they enjoy the most!