We aim to be environmentally friendly and ethical in our approach to business, from the sourcing of materials, to production, to packaging and shipping!

Packaging Materials

Jewelry Boxes
- Boxes made from 60% to 100% recycled kraft paper. Recyclable, compostable.
- Labels made from paper. Recyclable, compostable.

Earring and Necklace Cards
- Kraft paper. Recyclable, compostable.

Apparel Bags
- Clear poly bags made from 100% recycled material. Recyclable.

Shipping Materials

Bubble Mailers
- Made with at least 32.6% recycled content. Recyclable.

Poly Mailers
- Made from 100% recycled content, 50% post-consumer waste. Recyclable.

Sustainability in Production

Small Production Quantities
- Many of the items available on are made by hand. 
  Items produced primarily or entirely in-house are marked with the handmade badge!

- When we'd like to bring a new item to the shop that we're unable to make in-house, we like to work with fellow small
  businesses, manufacturers, and merch studios when possible, to bring our ideas to life in a way that benefits the
  independent artist community!
Printed Apparel
- Our T-shirts and Hoodies are sourced from wholesale brands that strive for ethical production.
  More information about Bella + Canvas and J. America can be found on their websites.

Items Made from Recycled Material
- The complete selection of items made from partially or fully recycled components can be found here!

Next Steps?

Goals Going Forward
As we discover and implement new ways to practice sustainability, information will be added to this page!