Custom Orders

Thank you for your interest in ordering a custom made piece! In most cases we've created custom jewelry, so the guidelines below are tailored to those kinds of projects. However, we can provide quotes for other types of projects (collar pins, etc.) depending on our ability/availability to produce them. Please note that some items such as enamel pins must be produced in bulk, and may have unique production timelines. On a case-by-case basis, we may also be able to produce custom sunglasses in single or small quantities.

We ask that you please read the following terms carefully before reaching out with any questions! Please be aware that as you will be working with us to create a piece or pieces that are unique to your specifications, the additional time and work required is reflected in the pricing structure. If you are looking to make an alteration to an existing iconografi piece rather than create something from scratch, please specify in your inquiry as the pricing may differ significantly. All estimated timelines indicated below refer to business days, excluding weekends and holidays. Please note that timelines for projects may differ depending on the type of item being produced, as well as the complexity. In submitting a request for your initial consultation, you will be required to indicate that you have read all of the information below and agree to the terms.

To view examples of previous custom designs, please visit our Custom Design Gallery.

9/7/23 Update
Custom Orders are currently closed.


Initial Consultation (begins 24 - 72 hours following custom order request)


We will respond to your custom order request via email within 1 - 3 business days of form submission, to discuss the details and provide a rough sketch. The duration of the consultation is dependent on the duration of our conversation. We will initiate the the consultation within up to 72 hours following your request, and respond to subsequent messages in a timely manner.

Within the custom order request form, we ask you to provide as much detail and/or reference images if applicable, and during our email conversation we will request any additional details so we can produce a rough sketch of the idea. Please be as specific as possible in your request form, including colors, shape, material, and sizing ideas, so we can come into the initial consultation with a good idea of what you're looking to create.

During the consultation, we will also provide an estimated ship date, or ship date range, will account for the time needed to design the piece, order necessary supplies, place a laser cutting order (if needed), shipment of supplies to us, creating and packaging the custom order. The ship date estimate provided during the consultation refers to the date by which we will mail the item to you, at which point you will receive a tracking number. The custom order package will ship to you according to the shipping service you have chosen. Please continue to be aware of COVID-19 related shipping delays.

To complete the consultation, we will discuss pricing (outlined below) and create an invoice. Full payment is collected following the consultation, and must be cleared with the payment provider (Shopify Payments, Paypal, etc.) before we move on to designing the work. A payment plan of 50% upfront, 50% upon completed commission (prior to shipment) is available. Extensions may be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

If in the process of communication regarding a custom order we do not hear back from a client in 30 days following our last communication, the order is forfeited without refund. If an order payment is not paid within 30 days following invoice, without an agreed upon request for an extension, the custom order is cancelled and if partially paid, the order is forfeited without refund.

Design Draft (+ 1 week or more, following completed consultation and payment)

We will send a polished design sketch, ready to be laser cut (etc.), up to 1 week following completed consultation and payment.

Two design edit rounds are included. If the initial design draft needs changes, we will consult and produce a second draft according to the specifications for edits provided, typically within 48 – 72 hours. This process will be repeated for a third draft if needed. Each additional round of edits following the third draft (two edits to the first draft) will be $5 per round.

In our computer-generated design drafts, we will do our best to color match, and can send example images of the materials we'll be using, to provide the best idea of what a final piece will look like.

Ordering of Supplies, Creating and Shipping Your Custom Order to You! (+ 3 - 6 weeks or more)

This timeline depends on the project, materials needed, and complexity, but we will discuss this during the consultation phase to ensure that the total production estimate is understood!

Acrylic Jewelry – 3 to 4.5 weeks before it ships to you. 
(2 - 3 weeks for production and shipment of supplies to me from laser cutter, 1 week for making and shipping to you)

Stainless Steel or Brass Jewelry (with or without crystal) – 3 to 6 weeks before it ships to you.
(2-5 weeks for production and shipment of supplies to me from laser cutter, and crystal supplier if applicable, 1 week for making and shipping to you)


Please consider the pricing guide below, and be prepared to share your budget when completing the consultation form. A combination of factors make up the cost of the commission: Design + Materials + Jewelrymaking + Packaging + Shipping = Commission Cost. All fees are outlined below. The design fee is applied to all custom orders that involve a new design or a more than simple redesign. The complexity of a design is determined on a case by case basis.

Design Fee


Very minor redesign (switching a crystal, combining existing pieces, etc.) - $0 - 10
•Altering an existing iconografi design, or creating a brand new design from scratch - $25/hr

Materials + Jewelrymaking Fee

The following prices are estimates, as the amount of material used may vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Earrings (Laser-cut)

• Acrylic Earrings (one color) - $18+
• Acrylic Earrings (two colors) - $22+

Bamboo Earrings - $20+

• Stainless Steel Earrings (no crystal) - $32+
• Stainless Steel Earrings (with crystal) - $38+*

• Brass Earrings (no crystal) - $32+
• Brass Earrings (with crystal) - $38+*

Necklaces (Laser-cut)

• Acrylic Pendant (one color) - $15+
• Acrylic Pendant (two colors) - $18+

Bamboo Pendant - $16+

• Stainless Steel Pendant (no crystal) - $26+
• Stainless Steel Pendant (with crystal) - $30+*

• Brass Pendant (no crystal) - $26+
• Brass Pendant (with crystal) - $30+*

Earrings/Necklaces (not laser-cut)

We can also custom design jewelry that doesn’t involve laser cutting!
These pieces involve searching for jewelry findings, beads, crystals and so on
that match the concept you’re going for. Prices may vary depending on the cost
of the materials involved, so if this sounds like something you’d be interested in,
let’s get the conversation started!


• All Earrings come with your choice of stainless steel (silver or gold plated) or sterling silver earring hooks. Or, for clip-on earrings, your choice of plated brass or sterling silver).

• Necklaces come with stainless steel chain (silver steel color, or gold-plated stainless steel) 18” standard. Custom chain lengths available at no additional cost.

• USPS First Class Shipping Included IF commission exceeds $75 USD. Applies to U.S. orders only. For International Orders $100+, First Class International Shipping + $8.

Additional Terms

We have the right to decline a request for custom work if:

• The design you wish to create is a replication of work that does not belong to you, or me. I will not make a copy existing another artist’s art or fanart. Creating fanart of our own, or otherwise deriving an idea from existing art is typically ok, but we will discuss it during the consultation to be sure.

• The design you wish to create is more complex than our comfort or capabilities allow.

• The design you wish to create is unable to be created (for example, parts of it would be too narrow or unstable to be laser cut out of material).

• The design you wish to create includes hatred or profanity, or subject matter we are uncomfortable with creating.

• The payment is not completed and cleared following the consultation.

For custom work, we will not accept requests for cancellation once the payment has been collected and the design process has started.
Please provide as much detail as possible during the free consultation, as once we begin to put in the work to design and produce your piece, a refund will not be possible.

If for some reason we are unable to complete the work due to unforeseen circumstances on our behalf, or the behalf of the studios we work with (for use of the laser cutting machines, etc.) then we would communicate this and initiate a refund.

Shipping delays are not included in the aforementioned “unforeseen circumstances”. Potential production and shipping delays are considered when projecting the ship date for the custom item, but any delays of the mail system are out of our control.

Read Everything and Ready to Get Started?

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