Itabag Interest Check


**UPDATE** The survey has now closed. Thank you to all who participated!

We're bringing another itabag design to very soon! The process is still in the beginning stages, so at this time we are planning to open preorders around late February - mid-March, with the bags being shipped around June 2021.

This time around, we're considering multiple options for the main bag and the inserts, so we'd like to get a general idea of which of the options proposed below will be most popular. If there is a majority of interest in only one or two bag color options instead of all three, then we will prioritize the most desired option/s. Regardless of the number of bag colors that end up available for preorder, there will still be three insert color options!

This survey is not a commitment to preorder, but please consider your genuine interest in purchasing a bag when answering. Emails are being collected for the purpose of allowing you the option to send yourself a copy of your responses to this survey.

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