Regarding Social Responsibility

7.13.21 UPDATE - To clarify our wording as we update this policy, we will be donating 50% of the proceeds from these items across Shopify AND Etsy, up to $100 USD per month until these items sell out!

As of today, iconografi is committing to being an Apartheid Free Zone, in line with our commitments to business practices that are sustainable and ethical, and our social responsibility. For our handmade pieces, we source materials from jewelry supply wholesalers, who source their inventory globally. In this process, sourcing information is not always available, and so we do our best to research where the materials we use are sourced. Recently it was discovered that these sterling silver bails (pictured below) have been traced to a source we cannot support. We will thus be updating the jewelry designs that use these pieces.

(product photo from wholesaler)
The items that feature the sterling silver bails pictured above are as follows:

As we are a very small business and only getting started, the loss of all revenue from the sale of the aforementioned items is one we cannot accommodate, and we have in the past invested in stocking up on these pieces, as they have been popular. Regardless, we are also keenly aware of our ethical responsibilities, and have determined that designs using these pieces will be discontinued upon selling out.

To honor our commitment to human rights, we will be taking the following steps:

  • We will be donating 50% of the profit from each sale of these items to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), up to $100 USD each month!* We will complete donations at the end of each month, until these pieces sell out. The remainder of the profit from each sale will go to iconografi, so we can break even on our investment and continue operations.
    *As of July 2021, we established this monthly goal as sales exceeded our expectations, and to include both our Shopify and Etsy storefronts, because we want to encourage a consistent flow of donations as this process is likely to take several months.
  • We will be sourcing bails of a similar design elsewhere, or otherwise we will work with a jewelry manufacturer to create bails of our own, so we can incorporate them into updated versions of the jewelry designs in question.

Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any additional questions regarding this, please email


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