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Hi! At iconografi.com, we create independent and originally designed alternative fashion that can be enjoyed by everyone! We're a small and growing business run by women of color. As longtime admirers of J-fashion, we're always looking for new ways to expand our own offerings of alternative fashion styles.

Upon doing some research into "faux thigh highs" - tights that give the appearance of a thigh high sock and have a skin-toned section towards the top - we found that these tights are primarily designed as a "one-color-fits-all" item, and sizing is often limited. That is...for now at least! 😉✨

In February 2022 we began planning this project, preparing stretch the limits, to make Faux Thigh High Tights more accessible to a broader range of people than (as far as we know!) ever before.

At this time we are not yet sure of the variety we will be able to offer for the first production round of tights. This will depend on expressed interest, availability of materials, cost, and other factors. It is currently our aim to produce around 5 skin-tone colors, and offer sizing from Small up to 4X. We may be able to further expand the range of production - the outcome of the crowdfund will determine the possibilities. We are incredibly grateful for the support and feedback regarding this project thus far!

As we work towards our crowdfund campaign launch - currently scheduled for this Fall - please check this blog post for project updates!


July 2022 Updates

7.26.22 Update

We will be closing our previous interest check survey on July 31st. We received over 300 responses! Your feedback was incredibly helpful as we initiated the planning phase of this project, and with subsequent developments much of the information in the survey is now outdated.

If you missed the chance to fill out the survey, please follow our social media and frequent this blog post for the most up-to-date information, and sign up for our newsletter. As the need arises, we may create additional polls in the future.

7.23.22 Update

We received three ready-to-wear samples of the Faux Thigh High Tights, and two additional color samples. As of now, we are considering the five colors and three designs: a grid design, a regular over the knee sock design, and a cat design.


Previously announced project updates will be added below in the near future, so that this page can serve as an archive.




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